Welcome to Great Kimble CE School

Our Mission:

To provide a caring, Christian community where all children are educated to become confident, happy, successful, independent learners. Children are encouraged to achieve their full potential whilst celebrating the joy of learning. 

We are a Buckinghamshire small village school, catering for pupils from 4-7 years. Our catchment area is Kimblewick, Marsh, North Lee, Butlers Cross, Ellesborough, Great and Little Kimble, but we welcome children from all other areas. Parents are very welcome to make an appointment to come to see the school at any time.


Uniform can be obtained via school using the order form available on the Friends of Kimble Page or directly from the supplier, schoolwearforless.com.



Hopefully your children have been enjoying reading lots of pages of their books over the holidays in preparation for sharing with us all the wonderful things they have learnt and enjoyed! We are all excited about our World Book week celebrations – keep an eye out for further information in the newsletter this week!