Roald Dahl Parade

Thanks to the following pupils who did an amazing job of displaying their fabulous art work at the Parade

Lucas, Ollie , Tom , Ollie, William , Saskia , Tom, Zakary, Thomas , Isla , Thomas , Aimee , Taliesin , Alexa , Chloe ,

Tallulah , Darcey , Phoebe , Matthew , Millie  and Oliver

We have taken some photos, and hope to make a display for you to see at the front of the school before the end of the term.

Our many thanks to Mrs Smith and Mrs Walsh for inspiring the pupils to make this art-work that portrayed the theme of The Twits. We had Mr Twit, Mrs Twit, monkeys, birds and the glass eyeball. The props were very attractive and the children did an amazing job of holding them high for the good 40 minutes that the parade weaved its way around Aylesbury. Special thanks to Matthew and Tom for leading with the school banner – this was certainly a challenge to the arm muscles as the time wore on! Many thanks to all those families who supported us, not only by transporting the children but also staying to wave at us and encourage us as we went round the Market Square.

 Gym and Dance Display

Well done to our Dance team who showcased their skills on the stage of Princes Risborough School on Thursday and Friday night last week. I would like to congratulate them, especially for the Friday night performance where we were down by two pupils. This obviously impacted on the second dance and could have caused disaster!! However, the children were really wonderful at trying their best to keep going, and were a credit to the school. They danced to Shake It Off and Welcome to  New York. They learnt a number of dance moves, had to keep count in their heads, and perform on a large stage with curtains, flashing lights and loud music. It was certainly an entirely different experience to dancing in the Year Two classroom. The children were very excited on the two nights, and the feedback from them is that it was ‘fantastic’!

Congratulations to Mali , Tom , Patrick , Summer , Tallulah , Millie, Aimee , Darcey , Ollie , Matthew , Thomas ,Tom  and Saskia.

School Council

At Great Kimble we take the views of our pupils very seriously. Part of this process is the School Council. This is an elected body of 6 pupils (2 per year group) who listen to the views of their peers and bring forward these suggestions – and their own – as to how to improve the school further. They also decide what charity the school will support in the coming academic year, as well as welcoming visitors to the school. It was especially pleasing to note that this year ALL our current Year 2 pupils wanted to put themselves forward for this role. The children are entirely responsible for electing their class members – staff do not vote nor lead the voting in any way!