Newsletter 14th February

Dear Parents                                                                 14th February, 2014

 Parents’ Evening – Thank you to everybody who came to see us yesterday and as always apologies for those who waited much longer than they should have done – no matter how hard we try, our families who ask for late appointments always seem to be on our school premises later than intended!

Learning Logs – All children should have their learning log for the half-term holiday.  Please would you encourage your child to record some of the lovely things that they do through photos, drawings, diary entries or souvenir brochures, tickets etc.  We will share these learning logs during the first week back.  Thank you.

PE Kits – Your child should bring home their PE kit so that this can be washed over the half-term break.  We will also encourage children to bring back plimsolls and trainers, some of which will need a really good clean.  Can I mention again, that some children are complaining of hooded sweatshirts being too small and plimsolls being tight?  Staff would be very grateful if you could check your child’s shoes over the half-term period.

 Topics for next half-term – Reception pupils have asked to learn about the ocean and all the sea creatures living there.  We will be using books such as ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, ‘Tiddler’, ‘Sharing a Shell’ and a variety of non-fiction books to introduce this topic.  If you have any suitable books at home, that you would be happy to lend for this topic, please bring them in on the first day of next half-term.  Thank you.

Year 2’s topic is ‘What a disaster!’  This is a history based topic – further details to follow.

Year 1 will be looking at animals in stories which will lead on to learning facts about animals, using non-fiction books.  If you have an animal story at home that you are happy to share at school please send these in at the beginning of the next half-term.

Vouchers/Leaflets – We are putting ‘Free Kid’s Day Out’ vouchers, provided by Scholastic, and free ‘Drama Class’ leaflets, provided by Perform, in book bags today.

Finally, our thanks to all our volunteers this half-term who have helped with reading, lunchtimes, walking crocodile and supporting groups of pupils.  We look forward to welcoming our newly DBS cleared volunteers after half-term.



Kindest regards,

Gillian Harrington