Our eco-shelter

Please do have a look at the photos on the site under eco-school. After such a long wait, the new eco-classroom has arrived and it has been absolutely worth waiting for!  Children were recording some of their thoughts whilst watching the event take place: I agree with Saskia who wrote: ‘I think this is a very exciting moment! We are very grateful to have our own Eco container.’ Tom wrote down the timings from 09.45  when we began to watch the lorry come down the track, gamely led by Mr Brown until 10.40 when we did the big countdown, to 10. 5when  ‘Mrs Harrington is putting the container key in’ and a minute later ‘everyone is going in to the container ………..what an exciting day for Great Kimble.’ It certainly is going to be a day that is stored in my memory bank for years to come. Thank you all for the amazing support you have provided during this journey.